There is a fan running in living room.Would you like me to turn it off?

Smart Switch

Instead of worrying about which fans and lights you’ve switched on and forgotten, transform your space into a more secure, convenient and energy efficient environment with wireless technology. Smart Switch Panels are retrofittable and do not interfere in the architecture or the aesthetics of your home. Built to operate on Wi-Fi technology, Smart Switch Panels are easy to install anywhere without a worry of additional wiring.

Rise and shine Jill ! It is Monday, so we have your motivational playlist ready!

Curtain Control Automation

Imagine having an alarm clock that welcomed you with the rays of the morning sky! The curtain automation system is connected to the alarm in your phone and opens automatically when your alarm rings. You can also remote control your curtains from your phone to close them for just 5 more minutes! Smarter mornings for a better day!

Looks like your dog is making a run for it. Again.

Smart Security Camera

We know how much safety means to you. So, we went ahead and prepared a smart camera to keep an eye open in your house, all the time. Your phone will receive alerts anytime there is suspicious activity, so you never need worry about intruders, or who ate the last slice of pie. With advanced motion notification on your phone, this is the best security guard you could ask for!


Everything you can imagine is real

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