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The seamless Smartron experience across devices that learns your needs and guides you to the best choices

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tronX is here to build and support the new world.
And with every passing minute, our AI is adding more value to the X.

Assistive because
it is predictive.

tronX is the brain outside the body, doing all the thinking for you. With a wealth of data, it can foresee events and offer the right suggestions. From controlling AC in your home to controlling temperature in a greenhouse, tronX does everything you want, sometimes even without asking.

The tronX experience is deeply integrated into the operating system. This means, it always offers highly-relevant suggestions and never spams your notifications. It reminds you to leave to the cinema, books a cab to the cinema and shares reviews and trailers before your reach the cinema. It can manage facilities or even an entire city for that matter. All this based on the data patterns, all without installing a million apps.