Powered by tronX is program where small and big companies can use tronX platform as a service. This will help companies especially startups to get to market quickly by eliminating the need for reinventing.

Make your data work for you

tronX collates all your data from your sensors and devices and gives you insights. The all important nudges from tronX makes life extra convenient

Technology crafted to perfection for a seamless experience.

tronX lets you weave your hardware and software into an advanced experience, unlike any other. Get personalized updates on your phone, control your bookings through voice recognition and track your fitness routine!

Forget typing, just talk to Maya!

Maya is our voice technology based on tronX. Maya knows 154 million facts, knows weather in cities across the globe, suggests events nearby you, read you news or play you blockbusters. So why not talk to her? Forget typing, all you need to do is ask. Maya handles wireless home networking, entertainment, home shopping, energy management and home security. All you have to do is tell her what you need.


Unlimited storage

With t.cloud, never worry about losing anything. Documents, data and photographs, everything is forever!