Smartron partners with and invests in MiQasa to develop smart things for home powered by tronX

Smartron’s association with MiQASA is another step in our journey towards broadening our smart things portfolio and ‘tronifying’ the smart homes ecosystem in India


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Powered by tronX

Smartron is committed to building an advanced ecosystem for all Indian devices, with 'Powered by tronX' program!

This partnership is our first step in the ‘Powered by tronX™’ program to extend the tronX™ ecosystem to third-party brands. The program is aimed at giving partner devices, whether they are smartphones or any electronic device, access to tronX™’s assistive and predictive AI capabilities working seamlessly to give highly intelligent and personalized user experience. tronX™ is India’s first AI-powered IoT platform and through this partnership, Smartron will extend all capabilities of tronX™ to the users of the Billion Capture+ devices in the future.



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